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Our History

Fariñas Transit, a sole family proprietorship was founded by the late Marcelo Vallejos Fariñas of Vigan, Ilocos Sur together with his wife, the late Rosa Peralta Luna of Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte. Four years before the outbreak of the second World War in December 1941, Marcello V. Fariñas died and the management of the business fell in the shoulders of his wife and his two grown up sons Constate and Federico. When the Japanese invaded Ilocos Norte, they began commandeering government and private vehicles...
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Daily departure Manila-Laoag (Vice-versa)

All our buses are air-conditioned and with WIFI

6:00 AM First Class with CR
7:00 AM First Class
8:00 AM First Class
10:30 AM First Class
12:30 PM First Class
4:30 PM First Class
5:30 PM First Class with CR (Vintar)
6:00 PM First Class with CR (Pasuquin and Bacarra)
6:30 PM First Class with CR (Solsona and Dingras)
7:00 PM First Class with CR (Sarrat and Piddig)
7:30 PM Super First Class
8:00 PM First Class with CR
8:30 PM Deluxe
9:00 PM First Class with CR
9:30 PM First Class with CR
10:00 PM Super Deluxe
10:30 PM First Class with CR
11:00 PM Deluxe
11:30 PM First Class


P700 – First Class
P750 – First Class with CR
P800 – Super First Class (individual monitor)
P850 – Deluxe with CR and Lazy boy seats.
P900 – Super Deluxe (individual monitor)

Routes (vice-versa)

  • Laoag – Manila
  • Laoag – Baguio
  • Solsona – Manila
  • Dingras – Manila
  • Sarrat – Manila
  • Bacarra – Manila
  • Pasuquin – Manila

Our Buses

Recent Updates

8 New Buses for Laoag and Baguio

8 New Buses

We now have 8 new buses for Baguio-Laoag trip and 8 new buses for Manila-Laoag!

Ilocos Norte

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